Design Engineering for Wastewater and Water Systems


    For the last 28 years, DWG ASSOCIATES has been providing objective, independent, unbiased, and cost effective engineering services, training programs, plant operations assistance, and operator training tools for the wastewater and water treatment marketplace.  We are experts in pure oxygen [aka High-Purity Oxygen (HPO)] wastewater and water treatment processes and technologies.  From process design to field testing to oxygen generator plant maintenance (e.g., cryogenic oxygen generators and PSA oxygen generators) to wastewater treatment mass transfer systems to the latest biological nutrient removal techniques (UNOX BNR, OASES BNR, and HPO BNR), DWG ASSOCIATES can cover it all.  Our personnel helped invent and commercialize the Oxygen Activated Sludge (OAS or sometimes HPOAS) wastewater treatment systems known as the OASES system and the UNOX System.  DWG ASSOCIATES knows these technologies because we were there when they were invented.  We work worldwide ensuring that wastewater and water treatment plants are operating at peak efficiency, thereby helping to protect the world’s water and energy resources.


  • We are proven!
    We've been in the market for over 25 years
  • We perform!
    We have unrivaled expertise, especially in HPO technologies
  • We are cost effective!
    Our rate structure is designed to help your bottom line, not destroy it

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