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DWG ASSOCIATES provides objective, independent, unbiased, and cost effective engineering services, plant operations assistance, and training programs for the wastewater and water treatment marketplace. We specialize in pure oxygen wastewater and water treatment processes like the UNOX and OASES Systems.

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Oxygen Aeration

Need assistance with covered aeration basins?  DWG ASSOCIATES’ personnel helped invent high-purity oxygen (HPO) aeration systems in the 1960s and 1970s.  We know how to convert manufacturer's air-based standard mass transfer efficiencies to a high-purity oxygen atmosphere.  And our design simulation software includes IAWQ biological models with multicomponent gas phase mass transfer models that allow us to model any covered aeration system.  With DWG ASSOCIATES you won't need to depend on some vendor who claims he'll take care of you.

Cryogenic Oxygen

Cryogenic Oxygen

Cryogenic oxygen generation is NOT standard environmental engineering.  If you're baffled by these behemoths, DWG ASSOCIATES can simplify things for you.  Our personnel have made careers working in the industrial gas business.  We understand reversing heat exchangers and switching valves, prepurifiers, expansion turbines, and the cryogenic distillation process that's going on inside that coldbox.  With our assistance you'll not only come across as an expert, you'll be one.

PSA, VPSA, LOX, "New" Oxygen Processes, & BNR

PSA VPSA LOX New Oxygen Processes, BNR

High-purity oxygen (HPO) and water, that's what we do!  We know what’s new in the HPO market as well as what’s old.  We're independent, unbiased, and expert in all things HPO.  If you need help understanding what does or what doesn't work with oxygen, that's our buiness.  Whether you need to know about oxygen BNR, mass transfer equipment, oxygen production or supply, or what might be done with an antiquated HPO instrumentation system, we are at your service. And don't forget, we do annual cryo plant turnarounds too.