About Us

DWG ASSOCIATES is Oxygen Wastewater and Water Treatment

For 35+ years, DWG ASSOCIATES has been providing objective, independent, unbiased, and cost effective engineering services, training programs, plant operations assistance, and operator training tools for the wastewater and water treatment marketplace.  We are experts in pure oxygen, sometimes called high-purity oxygen (HPO), wastewater and water treatment technologies, whether it’s oxygen or ozone gas.

If your plant uses a pure oxygen activated sludge process like the UNOX System or OASES system with Cryogenic, PSA, VSA, or VPSA oxygen generation, we "speak" your language!  We also "speak" Ozone wastewater and water disinfection, Oxygen Aerobic Digestion, Oxygen BNR, pipeline or liquid oxygen (LOX) supply, and water and wastewater aeration systems.  Whether you’re the plant operations staff, plant management, or the plant’s consulting engineer, our experts can help you keep your project or design on budget, oxygen safe, and on time.  With DWG ASSOCIATES you’ll get the oxygen expertise you need, when you need it, and always supplied by experts that not only know the technology but, in many cases, helped invent it.  Our HPO design capabilities, expertise, and design tools are unparalleled in the marketplace, making us far more timely and cost effective than anything you have "in-house."

In addition to design-type work, we are also experts in operating plant optimization, operator training, oxygen generator plant maintenance (like cryogenic plant annual turnarounds), and HPO specific computer simulation.  Our plant simulation software is a troubleshooting tool for some of the largest (and smallest), most sophisticated wastewater treatment plants in the world.  And our design software has been used to design virtually every HPO plant in the world.  We can help you engineer, operate, optimize, or maintain your HPO wastewater treatment plant.  With DWG ASSOCIATES' help, your HPO project, whatever it is, will remain on schedule, on budget, and compliant with oxygen safe design/operating practices.

The Organization


We are experienced

Our personnel routinely provide engineering, preventative and emergency maintenance services, and operating troubleshooting at some of the largest, most sophisticated wastewater treatment facilities in the world; including the Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant, Boston’s Deer Island Facility, the East Bay MUD Main Wastewater Treatment Plant, and Miami-Dade County’s HPO Treatment Plants.  In addition to working directly with operating plant owners, DWG ASSOCIATES regularly provides a wide range of engineering services to the consulting engineering, governmental, and industrial business communities.  If you need high-purity oxygen wastewater treatment expertise, DWG ASSOCIATES has got you covered.

The President

Our president Daniel Gay

Our president, Daniel W. Gay, has over 50 years experience in the wastewater and water industry.  In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Mr. Gay was a core member of the Union Carbide Corporation engineering team that invented and commercialized the UNOX System, THE most widely used high-purity oxygen (HPO) wastewater system in today’s secondary treatment marketplace.  Mr. Gay has worked all over the world promoting HPO treatment and has designed both air and HPO facilities with a cumulative treatment capacity in excess of 2.9 billion gallons per day.


Our philosophy

DWG ASSOCIATES is on YOUR side.  Our HPO expertise is unique, extensive, comprehensive, and unrivaled in the marketplace.  We ensure that most of our personnel and subcontractors have backgrounds that include periods with the environmental divisions of either Union Carbide Corporation, Air Products and Chemicals, or Lotepro Corporation.  All personnel have considerable, hands-on experience in the wastewater and water treatment fields and/or in oxygen generation and gaseous/liquid oxygen supply.  Yet our rate structure is designed to be reasonable and fair to all.  In a nutshell, we enjoy what we do, do it with unrivaled knowledge & expertise, and try to have a little fun while doing what we do.