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The DWG ASSOCIATES’ web site(s) includes links to other sites.  Be aware that DWG ASSOCIATES does not monitor these links and assumes no responsibility for the privacy practices or content of such linked sites.  Our web site(s), like all web sites, collects certain non-personal URL-type information provided to our servers by your connection to the worldwide web.  This information may be compiled and analyzed on an aggregate basis and will be used only by DWG ASSOCIATES to determine our web site usage trends and external usage characteristics.  The information that may be collected, by way of example not limitation, includes your IP address, the pages you visit on our site, certain information on the browser you are using, your host name, a referring URL, when and where you entered and/or exited our site, date and time information concerning your visit, etc.  None of this collected "background" information is available to third parties.

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