UNOX & OASES Engineering & Training

Environmental process engineering is DWG ASSOCIATES’ forte.  We know wastewater, water, solid waste, and air pollution control technologies and markets.  But we’re specialists in wastewater and water treatment technologies that use high-purity oxygen (HPO) or ozone gases, like the pure oxygen activated sludge (HPOAS) UNOX System or OASES system.  DWG ASSOCIATES provides unbiased and cost effective engineering expertise for all oxygen/ozone wastewater and water treatment processes.  And we’ve been doing it continuously for over 30 years!

High-purity oxygen (HPO) wastewater and water are unique technologies.  Evaluating its components and/or the entire system requires specialized engineering expertise.  If you’re asking questions like:  Is my plant running as efficiently as originally specified?  Is it time to modernize some of this original equipment?  What new technologies are applicable to my plant?  What new technologies are cost effective?  How can I minimize the energy consumption of the system?  DWG ASSOCIATES knows the answers.  We know how and why your plant was designed the way it was.  And we have the expertise, tools, and experience to generate understandable answers that you can trust.

Our technical capabilities are supported by state-of-the-art computerized design and engineering tools that are unrivaled in the marketplace.  We can work directly with UNOX System or OASES System plant owners or as a subconsultant to other consulting engineering organizations.

Our Major Services


Team 1

DWG ASSOCIATES understands high-purity oxygen (HPO).  After all, we helped invent it.  And we can help you understand it too!  During our 30+ years in the market, we’ve helped countless engineers and owners update, modify, or improve the operation of HPO (high-purity oxygen) plants worldwide.  From simple process design reviews to pilot plants to complete oxygen or ozone system project designs, we’ll help you get it right and make it safe.  Our project design packages are comprehensive, very flexible, and can include any combination of process definition, mechanical and control system design, specification and drawing package preparation, O & M manual preparation, equipment startup assistance, performance test monitoring, and operator training.

If you’re an owner that needs to modify your existing plant, DWG ASSOCIATES is expert at upsizing, downsizing, or replacing old, inefficient aerators or oxygen generators.  DWG ASSOCIATES keeps abreast of all the latest HPO plant modification technologies.  We know which of those work and, more importantly, which don’t.

Field Services

Team 2

DWG ASSOCIATES is expert in UNOX and OASES System field services.  Services like process troubleshooting, process optimization, energy audits & energy use minimization, instrument & control system analysis or design or implementation, aeration basin or oxygen generator capacity determinations, value engineering analysis, and safety evaluations.  For example, do you know if your plant is an energy hog or an energy miser?  DWG ASSOCIATES’ "report card" plant evaluation program will tell you. Our experts will completely review your operating procedures and benchmark your plant against its original specifications.  Get an "A" and you don’t have to worry; get a "D" or "F" and you may have "energy hog" issues. We’ll work with you to identify and correct the problems.

DWG ASSOCIATES also has oxygen generation plant turn-around and tune-up capabilities.  We have the most cost effective cryo, PSA, and VSA/VPSA annual preventative maintenance programs in the high-puity oxygen (HPO) marketplace.  Give us a chance and we’ll prove it to you!


Team 3

In need of UNOX or OASES (HPO) specific operator training?  DWG ASSOCIATES offers customized process training programs specifically designed for high purity oxygen (HPO) wastewater treatment plant operators.  All training programs are meticulously developed to address the unique needs of the pure oxygen wastewater plant operator and his/her specific plant.

Given the age of the typical HPO plant, the operations staff has turned over numerous times since start-up.  Mentor training works but oftentimes just perpetuates inefficiencies born from misunderstandings.  DWG ASSOCIATES’ refresher training courses give the operations staff the knowledge they need to maintain effluent quality while minimizing operating costs.

Our training courses are conducted either on your site or off, are either classroom oriented or "hands-on" (as the training dictates), and are always conducted by experienced experts, many of whom helped invent the HPO wastewater treatment process.  Many of our personnel have been training HPO operators since the first UNOX Systems were constructed in the 1970s.  DWG ASSOCIATES knows how your plant was designed to operate.  Your operators should know the same thing.